Entry #14

Multiple projects

2011-09-29 14:44:04 by BlueZombieClock

Working on a few flash projects. Through collab parts I'm mainly working on Finding Recon B-0695, a clock flash that I am going to take my dear dear time on. I'm drawing the props in advance as well as doing the storyboarding and am only very short into the actual animation. A project for next year's Clockday, maybe?

I'm also working on a much shorter flash about Petroleumclock earning his clockhood by eating thousands of taco's. This one is going very well. Could be done by this weekend, or the upcoming week.



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2011-10-12 16:08:00


BlueZombieClock responds:

Damn right it's alive, Brocoli.


2012-08-25 03:44:16

Come back, yo. Your movies were tres rad